Ohana Kitchen was formed from a love of poké, a passion for fresh, healthy food, and a desire to share a piece of Hawaiian culture with our seacoast community.

A Hawaiian

Poke (pronounced poh-KAY) has been a much loved staple of Hawaiian cuisine for generations. Poke is often enjoyed as a pupu at family gatherings, a light snack after a surf or a quick bite in the middle of a busy day. We have transformed the poke snack into the poke meal by offering a wide variety of choices inspired by traditional flavors while incorporating local ingredients.


We are passionate about food and where it comes from. Our ahi tuna is pole and line caught while our salmon is sourced from a small boutique producer in the North Atlantic. We source our products from local vendors receiving our seafood daily. We only serve superior quality, sustainably caught fish, local chicken and vegetables (when possible).

A portion of proceeds will be donated to organizations supporting clean water initiatives and the environment.


Ohana means “family” in Hawaiian. As frequent visitors to and former residents of Maui, we very much “feel the aloha” every time we return. As soon as we land, we rush to the nearest restaurant to grab a bite of our favorite food—poké. Our love for Hawaii and obsession with poké inspired us to bring this delicious dish back to our mainland ohana, the seacoast.

Our Ohana